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May, 25, 2017

Meeting up with Claudia Smith

May, 25, 2017

Meeting up with Claudia Smith


January, 10, 2017

Add me on Snapchat

January, 10, 2017

Add me on Snapchat


August, 29, 2014

Birthday Butt Plug!

August, 29, 2014

Birthday Butt Plug!

The Birthday Butt Plug! 


This butt plug is the best thing I have ever felt inside my ass.

I like anal, I really really like anal. I good anal fuck and I am left speechless and weak at the knees. I like anal too much to pretend I am human while being fucked. I am more like a crazy moaning alien. 

So for this reason, I get kinda nervous doing anal shows and videos. Its just too good to be able to think about camera angles.  

Sadly, Ive never really found the perfect anal toy. I had a butt plug, it started to burn my ass and never stayed in, another; never stayed in, beads arent my favourite, I am not really into anything ribbed to be honest. So when I got this plug for my Birthday from Will I was a bit hesitant.  

In the video I made for you guys, once I opened to package I HAD to feel it in my ass straight away, I was too curious. 


It is perfect. It stays in right until I cum when it slips out in the perfect moment. It goes deep deep up my ass, and feels amazing as the ribs slide in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out.... wow. 

It feels so amazing that at the end of the video I couldnt take it out. I wanted it to say in side me. I put on some jeans and headed out shopping. My ass full as I waited in line, as I chose my cucumbers... I get wet just thinking about it.  

After 2 hours everything felt so very stretched, but I wasnt done shopping. 

I met up with Alex and decided to let him in on my dirty secret. 

Ofcourse he took me straight back home, ripped my jeans off and fucked me hard and long. I came about 8 times, him forcing the plug deeper into my ass, his fingers stretching my butt hole. 


It was in for 3 whole hours and dear lord was it amazing.   

What do you guys think ? 




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